Course on How to Write a Professional Book

Mission: learn how to write a professional book, in any professional area, such as management, leadership, marketing, design, architecture, fitness, health, and any other professional area in order to help:

  1. Professionals willing to write a book on their areas of expertise and publish it via self publishing or get published
  2. Corporate Writing: books written by CEO’s, Directors and other managers, targeted at the internal Corporate audience or external audiences

Free Tools: The 10 fundamental issues and advices on How to Write a Professional Book, written by the Members of the Board with an intercultural and cross cultural perspective including Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Eastern Countries. Free Download Here

Professional one-to-one consulting. You can receive professional consulting via online tools (Zoom, Skype) by the members of the Board which have all 30+ years of experience and activity in book writing and publishing. Please feel free to choose the one that best fits your interests and make an initial contact through the respective websites.

Learn how to write a professional book