Contact & Scientific Committee

  • President: Dr. Daniele Trevisani at
  • Board Member: Mr. Joe Boschetti, Australia. CEO at
  • Board Member For Arab Speaking Countries: Samar S. Haddad, Publisher / Manager, CEO at Atlas for Publishing & Distribution – Syria, Atlas for Publishing, Translation & Culture – Lebanon, at Alliance Editeurs
  • Worldwide: Dr. Eng. Lorenzo Savioli, Psychologist and Engineer, Coach and Coaching Supervisor
  • Japan: Dr. Ginevra Bighini, Certified  Coach in “4DM – Four Distances Intercultural Model”
  • Science: Dr. Prof Marco Quarta, PhD, Stanford University School of Medicine. CEO of Rubedolife (California). Scientist, Masters degree in Biotechnology, PhD in Neuroscience, specialized in Anti-Aging, Stem Cells, and Regenerative Medicine
  • Lituania. Dr. Rima Kalasnikova, Degree in Economics, Master (Advanced Level) in Coaching by UP STEP
  • Hana Bui. Intercultural Trainer and Bestselling Author. Master of Arts in Globalization and Communication (University of Leicester, UK). ASEAN countries: Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.
  • Dr. Mouna Ben Meftah, Master Degree in Semiotics. Expert in Intercultural Marketing and Communications
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