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Powerful Questions for Coaching

Negotiation Techniques

Important Authors and Theories for Coaching and HR

  • Psychodrama by Moreno
  • Emotions Wheel Model by Plutchick
  • Focusing by Eugene Gendlin
  • Counseling by Carl Rogers
  • Rhetoric by Aristotle
  • Bioenergetics by Lowen
  • Semiotics by Umberto Eco
  • Consumer Wisdom by David Glenn Mick
  • Actor’s work on the Self and the Role by Stanislavsky
  • Microsociology and communication games by Erving Goffman
  • Transactional Analysis, Personality States and Interaction Games by Eric Berne
  • Facial Action Coding system by Paul Eckman
  • Mitopsychology (The Hero’s Journey) by Jung and Carol Pearson
  • The mathematical model of communication by Shannon-Weaver
  • Psychosynthesis by Assagioli
  • Process Consultation by Edgar Schein
  • States of Consciousness by Roland Fisher
  • Spiritual Development States by David Hawkins
  • Multiple Intelligences by Gardner
  • Holistic Marketing by Philip Kotler

Models by Dr. Daniele Trevisani

  • ALM – Action Line Management
  • HPM – Human Potential Modeling
  • 4DM – 4 Distances Communication Model
  • 4LE – 4 Levels of Empaty
  • 3LC – 3 Levels of Holistic Communication Map

Suggested videos on Life Coaching

Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Inspirations for the mind from the Dalai Lama

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Videos on Time Management

Videos on Marketing

Putting Human Life in Perspective: an enlighting view of what we are and where we are in the Universe